Meeting EYFS

Our tutors are friendly, encouraging and DBS checked. They work closely with nursery managers and practitioners to ensure the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework) is met throughout our classes. 

For example, within any Click IT! lesson the children are encouraged to:

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For more information on how Click IT! meet’s the effective areas of learning, see our: Click IT! EYFS Areas of Learning and Development

Group icon Work within a group environment to communicate successfully and complete a task.
Listen Take turns to speak and listen to promote social etiquette.
Globe Develop a relationship with their ICT tutor/peers to assist personal development and understanding of the world.
Speak Take turns in conversation, to build social links.
Think Think independently to encourage emotional development.
Interact Share with others – to encourage healthy relationship building and personal development.
School Sit quietly and behave in an appropriate manner in preparation for school.
feelings  Be aware of the feelings, views and ideas of the others in the group to build upon language skills.
Small Group Communicate in a small group to build personal confidence.