For parents

Click IT! provides a personal tutor service (ratio 1:3). This ensures your little one is getting the most effective pre-school computer class education.

Our classes consist of different activities every week for 7 Different Levels of Learning from ‘MiniBYTES’ to ‘BrontoBYTES’. We provide interactive and challenging EYFS activities to include: literacy, mathematics, science, computer modelling, an introduction to programming & coding, music and creative printed project work.

Our tutors provide regular progress reports throughout the term, supported by merit certificates & stickers. In addition, children print their work for the purposes of the nursery wall display, development folders or taking home to parents.

In addition to the mouse and keyboard, we use a range of other ICT devices found within a typical school setting. These include: touch screens, graphics tablets and pens, digital microscopes, touch screens, trackpads and colour printers.

Click IT! 7 Different Levels of Learning

For downloads of our activities and lesson plans this term, see our Activities Page.
“Click IT! quickly became the highlight of the week, with Lowenna showing off her sticker with pride. We love the regular personalised reports which are full of lovely insights and detail that we’ll keep. I couldn’t recommend Click IT! highly enough. Thank you!”