Computer Lesson for the Slum Children of Dharavi

I was lucky enough to spend a day in February introducing children to technology in the slum area of Mumbai, India! And they were SO very excited! With money raised from a recent charity event we brought over tablets loaded with fantastic educational apps donated by some of our suppliers. They also enjoyed learning how to program floor robots in a game of snakes and ladders! We are also proud to be sponsoring a teacher’s salary for a year. Her name is Komal and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch and receiving updates on how the teachers are getting with their ICT lessons. What I found amazing was how quickly the children grasped and immersed themselves in using the devices whereas the teachers were a little more hesitant! Here are some pictures of our morning together. Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible! You certainly made the children (and me!) smile today! 😀